Wednesday, September 8, 2010

And so we begin...

Yesterday marked the very first day of our new adventure...homeschooling! I have to tell you...last week I was getting very nervous! Wondering if I could do this! Especially with two little ones in tow. I prayed prayed prayed God would bless our first day. Our God is so faithful! He did that and more! Our first day was amazing! We started the day off at 8am. Kids had breakfast and their chores. 9 am we started school. We are using Tapestry of Grace this year. I decided not to follow their schedule but to start from Genesis. The kids loved the story of Creation. We didn't read it from the Bible, but from a worksheet I had. Then they spent some time writing in their journal about how they can help take care of what God created and drew a picture as well. Next we moved to Math for Lexie and Phonics for Haylee. We were given a free Hooked on Phonics Kit, and that is what both girls will be using this year. Haylee is starting with level one. After each reader, there are questions for them to answer about the story. Once each kid was done, the swapped. Meanwhile I did some puzzles with Logan and spent some one-on-one time with him. When both girls were done with Phonics and Math we did a craft...made a mini book on creation. After that the kids went outside and played while I made lunch. From there we did naptime for Logan and an hour of "me time" for the girls...this is when they read books quietly and I have MY time (I know all you mamas out there understand that!!). While Logan was still asleep I started our first read-aloud book with the girls. We are reading the Big Friendly Giant (The BFG). I think this is possibly one of my favorites times of the day. Snuggling up with my girls and reading to them! Now...some of you may be wondering where Alayna was this whole time... part of the morning she was strapped into my Moby wrap. The rest...she slept! I think she must be going thru a growth spurt b/c she pretty much slept all day (waking to feed of course! lol!). Once Logan was up we took a trip to the Library.

When Ben got home the kids we SOOOOOO excited to show him and tell him about the things we did and learned! After dinner we all snuggled on the couch and watched Wipeout. And then it was off to bed!

Today was pretty much the same routine. I did add computer time in however. Next week our days will be much fuller as we will be adding the Tapestry of Grace Curriculum which covers history, literature, geography, church history/Bible, writing and arts/activities. I am adding spelling words and weekly Bible Memory verse. They actually started the memory verse this week. Philipians 2:14 "Do everything with complaining or arguing". Seemed like the perfect verse to start with!! :) We will be adding Art History every other week too. My mom used to teach it when I was in elementary school and she has offered to come out here and teach my kids. How fun, right?! Lots of fun stuff ahead for the school year!

I have to tell you...I truly enjoyed and AM enjoying homeschooling! I know there will be days I want to pull my hair out and run and hide but I truly believe in this. God has called me to this and he will enable me thru...especially on the hard days! For those of you who think "I could NEVER do that" can. I said that about a year ago...and now look at me!

I originally started this blog to I am switching it up to talk about our homeschool journey. The good, the bad and the in between! I hope that I inspire you! If I can do this...YOU can do this!!

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  1. homeschooling is something i wonder about doing one day (obviously it'll be years since we don't have kids yet). but it IS encouraging to watch you (and my friend jenn) do this, because it makes it seem much more possible.
    the other day, jenn's kids got to come help me and tim unload our moving truck into the house as part of their homeschooling. :)