Thursday, September 16, 2010

Change and puddle Jumping

We officially have a week of homeschooling under our belt! And there have been changes already. Originally we were going to us Tapestry of Grace. But after starting it, I realized it was just too much for the kids at this age. And being new at homeschooling, too much for mom too! It was taking WAY too much time for the lesson planning! And I was starting to get very overwhelmed! Not a good way to start! In talking with my friend Bri, I made a decision to change our curriculum to My Father's World. It's set up much better (at least at this point) then TOG. Every day is set up for me. And it's a full curriculum. We are still using Horizon Math however next year I think we will switch to Math-U See. We were giving some Math-U See manipulatives and the girls have really enjoyed using them during our lessons.

It's been a little challenging to teach with Logan, but I have found that if I give him 15 minutes with JUST mom playing cars, or building blocks between lessons with the girls he does much better! He really enjoys our morning routine...praying, singing, learning about the weather and Bible time.

Today we did our exploration day. We went outside and went on a nature hike and looked for worms. It had rained this morning, so I thought for SURE there would be worms...surprisingly...not worms! The kids did find some slugs and a snail! After our hike we came inside and wrote in our nature journals about what they saw, felt and heard outside.

We are currently reading The BFG by Roald Dahl. It's about a little girl thats captured by a Giant in the middle of the night. She soon finds out that that he is a friendly giant---the only Giant in Giant country that does not eat "human beans". The little girl (Sophie) and the BFG decide to come up with a plan to rid the world of the "human bean" eating giants forever! It's a great book! And the girls are loving it!

Tomorrow my mom is coming over to teach the kids art! She was the Art Lady at Lansing Christian for awhile. She is really excited to have a part in our homeschooling journey and the kids are really looking forward to it as well!

We are all loving homeschooling! And am so thankful that God led our family in this direction!!

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  1. wow, kathy. this sounds so very sweet. what fun you're having. you're off to a great start.

    btw, i love that you're bringing in your mom for parts of it!