Saturday, July 3, 2010

July already...

I can't believe that it's July already! Haylee just turned 6...SIX!!! I have no idea how this happened! It truly feels like she was just born! What a strong, beautiful little girl she is! He little smile still melts my heart to the core! She is so excited to start homeschooling! I think she is just going to soar! She is already such a great little reader---reading chapter books (her favorite are the Junie B. Jones series).

Speaking of school I have started summer review with them. We are doing 2 (double sided) worksheets everyday. Even Logan has a workbook. He is eager to learn so why not?! I am so looking forward to the fall...or whenever we decide to start our school---which may end up being the beginning of August...we won't really follow the Public School calendar. We will go with what works best for us...which is the beauty of homeschooling! I have finally picked our curriculum. We will be using LifePac and Horizon Math. I also plan to follow (somewhat) Sonlight's read-aloud schedule.

We have began to set up my Photography Studio in the basement. It's going to take some time to get it exactly how I want it, but it's almost functional! I have the most important things...lights, backdrop stand, backdrops and some props but we need to finish painting and arranging some things down there still. I can't wait to finally have it ready!!!

The girls have started Ballet at a WONDERFUL Christian Dance Academy. They incorporate Bible verses and even pray before class. I love it! I am so impressed by the entire place! It's Hearts In Step Christian Dance Academy. Anyone in the GR area looking to get their kids into dance but not wanting to a regular studio, I highly suggest this place. The girls have wanted to dance for a long time not, but most dance studios (no offense to any of my dancer friends here) are a little too...umm...hmm...not sure what the right word is..."sexy" for my little girls. From the costumes to the music to the hip-thrusting booty's just not something I want my girls learning. I want them to use their bodies to glorify the Lord and I am so thankful to have found an Academy that is grounded on that belief! They have also started Horse Back Riding Lessons. They have had two classes so far and they are both very good on a horse! Even Logan has been able to get up and ride a little bit! This place I found is right out by Ben's work in Caledonia. They do more than just teach them to ride. They teach that how to care for a horse and be responsible with the horse. They brush Jazzy, eventually they will clean out the hoofs, they have to saddle her up, and lead her to the arena. And if the horse makes a "mess" during the lesson...they will have to clean it up. I love that they are learning ALL sides to horses not just the FUN stuff! When Lex is 8 we may lease Jazzy so that she can show her in 4-H.

Over the past 2 weeks I have gotten lost in a good book...well, 4 good books actually. I swore up and down that I would NEVER read the Twilight Saga books or watch the movies. But I gave in about a month ago and watched the first two movies...and fell in love! The third movie, Eclipse, just came out and my friend Brianne and I decided to challenge ourselves to have the first 3 books read before opening night of the movie. These are BIG books... somewhere around 400, 500+ pages each book. We had two weeks to accomplish it. And we did it! So to reward ourselves we went with a group of 7 girls and saw Eclipse. What a fun night! I don't get to go out at all with girlfriends so this was a real treat! And these ladies were a BLAST!!! We are all eagerly waiting for Breaking Dawn to come to the theater...meanwhile...I have to finish the book! Half-way done!

Well the house is quiet, kids are napping. YES! All four are crashed out! That's the end result of a sleepover last night! lol! So I am going to dig into my book for awhile! YAY!!

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