Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thankful tree with Grandma B

(yes, the title rhymes...and it's a little cheesy...deal with it! lol) :)

When we started homeschooling, my parents were VERY supportive! So much so that my mom wanted to help out too! She comes once or twice a month and does art with the kids. We do Art History, as well as just fun crafts. I love it! It's learning, but the kids are also growing even closer to their Grandma. Growing up, I wasn't close to either of my Grandparents so knowing my kids have a real relationship with my parents really warms my heart!y

Today we made a Thankful Tree. From now until Thanksgiving we will write down things we are thankful for and hang it on the tree. On thanksgiving we'll take the leaves down and read all of them.

Here is how we made it:

Our "tree" is acutally from my herb garden...thats what happens to large leaf basil when you stop cutting it back! lol! :)

Next the kids added dirt to a canning jar.

Insert "tree"

For the leaves you can use construction paper, or craft leaves. we started out using paper until I remembered we have some craft leaves in the "fall decor" box!

Ask kids what they are thankful for, write it on a leaf.

Add a hole to the bottom of the leaf.

Use wire, or yarn or string to attach leaf to tree.

I am really loving this! And already thinking how I can carry this over to each season!

What mommy is thankful for:

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